Rates, fees and loan products are subject to change without notice. This applies for 30 year term, 5 year fixed only. 5/2/5. After 60 months, first change to rate can be up to 5%, each additional change can raise the rate 2% once every 12 months with a maximum rate of 5% over the start rate. Index used is 12 month libor with a 2.25% margin 1st Lien, rate and term refinance mortgage on an owner occupied, one unit single family residence. Rate listed assume a Loan size of up to $350,000, Up to 70% Loan to Value, Debt to Income ratio of less than 45%, 740 Credit score. includes monthly escrowing or impounding for taxes and insurance and No Subordinate financing *NO COST CLOSER No points, No origination fees, No processing fees, No underwriting fees, No Settlement or escrow fees, No title fees, No Notary Fees, No recording fees, No flood fees. Appraisal fees are collected at application and refunded at loan funding. Applicants are responsible for prepaid interest, property taxes, Insurance, mortgage insurance and existing lender payoff fees. Applicants may choose to apply for a loan with other fee options in which origination charges and fees are charged to obtain a lower interest rate. Not all applicants qualify or will be approved. Your rate and term may vary. Subject to underwriting approval. Rates, fees and loan products are subject to change without notice. If you do not lock in a rate when you apply, your rate at closing may differ from the rate at the time of your application. Full documentation & property insurance required. Loan secured by a first lien against your property.